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Brand: Doro Model: #01128
The Doro PhoneEasy 520X is a simple device that offers a basic handset experience plus a couple features that critics believe would appeal to seniors or those with an outdoor lifestyle. Visually, the phone has a standard candy bar design with a 2" screen and keypad underneath. Critics point out that..
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Brand: Doro Model: #01342
Enjoy spending time in nature? Then you’ll love Doro PhoneEasy® 530X, an easy-to-use mobile phone made for those with an active lifestyle. It has a solid design that’s shock- and water-resistant. With large keys, clear colour display and exceptional sound quality, it’s easy to receive emails, make c..
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Brand: Doro Model: #01278
The Doro 5517 is perfect when you want an easy to use mobile phone with great sound and practical features that make it a joy to call, text and take pictures with, along with an SOS button and remote access function for added safety. You can even disable some functions if you think you don't need th..
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Brand: Doro Model: #00089
Stylish camera phone with loud and clear sound. All details and functions are designed for ease of use, and you can even send video messages as easily as you take and share photos. Other features include direct memories and SMS button, charging cradle, Bluetooth, weather forecasts and remote managem..
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Brand: Doro Model: #00553
Doro PhoneEasy 624 is an easy to use camera phone perfect for capturing memorable moments, receiving weather updates and spreading a little sunshine of your own...
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Doro 632 (Unlocked)
2-3 Days
Brand: Doro Model: #00091
A stylish phone with easy to use GPS and compass functions plus all the features Doro are renowned for. The clamshell design not only adds protection to the device's screen but also prevents buttons being pressed whilst in a pocket or bag. The Doro 632 PhoneEasy also has the Assistance button on the..
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Brand: Doro Model: #01185
With the Doro 6521 you get easier calls, subtitles, photography and more thanks to extra-separated high-contrast keys and a large 2.8 "screen. (hearing aid compatibility)...
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Brand: Doro Model: #546546
If you are looking for a stylish phone that lets you stay in contact with your friends or family, then Doro 7011 is the ideal choice! It comes with preinstalled WhatsApp and Facebook apps, as well as an extra-large screen which provides a great overview of all your important notifications and favori..
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Brand: Doro Model: #01181
Doro 7070 is a user-friendly handset characterized by a sleek, folding design, large display and 3MP camera which helps you to take photos and videos with your friends or family. Other features include 4G networks for fast browsing the web, loud and clear ringtone, as well as comfortable keys that m..
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Brand: Doro Model: #00554
Discover an easy to use mobile phone that combines the best of touchscreen functionality with the ability to use a slide out keypad for functions where you prefer real keys...
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Brand: Doro Model: #01277
A ruggedised handset, IP67 rated, ideal for workers in tough environments or those with outdoor lifestyles as it can be immersed in 1 m of water for up to 30 minutes. Uses the standard Android 6.0 interface and comes with a programmable assistance button for use if someone needs help quickly. 4G dev..
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Brand: Doro Model: #01253
If you've never owned a smartphone before, or want one that thinks and acts like you do, the Doro 8030 is the smartphone for you. It brings you all the enjoyment that smartphones can offer, but in a more natural and understandable way...
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